What is the Population of the United Kingdom?

The UK census is a decennial national population and housing survey, which is held on the night of 27th March. The census began in 1801 and its original purpose was to collect data about England and Wales for parliamentary purposes. This survey has been extended to cover all of the United Kingdom since 1911. The questions asked on the census form are designed to help answer specific questions about many aspects of life in the United Kingdom at a given time.

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The Home Office is a department in the United Kingdom that deals with some home affairs related matters. The Home Office does not have responsibility for policing, law enforcement or immigration matters which are dealt with by their respective ministries. In this section, we’ll get an introduction to how the

The following is a summary of the census in the UK.

The UK Census is carried out every 10 years, with the most recent being in 2011. The census is used to gather information about the country’s demographic, economic and social makeup. The information that is collected during this process can be used to understand how an ever-changing population might impact on future developments in society and government policy.

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